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Rebel Campfire Grill
The Rebel Campfire Grill is portable enough to go anywhere. The stake, grill rack and charcoal pan package allows you to grill food wherever you might be. If charcoal grilling isn’t an option, the Rebel can also be used over an open campfire. The grill is small enough to fit into a saddlebag or backpack and features a raised edge, which will keep food from rolling off onto the ground or into the fire. This also maximizes the cooking surface because you will not have to allow for additional room on the sides.
The charcoal pan can be preloaded with charcoal before being packed, minimizing cooking prep time when getting to a campsite. A loaded charcoal pan and grill rack will still fit into the carrying bag, along with an approved small can of lighter fluid. Once the stake is assembled and put into the ground, the charcoal pan can be attached to it. When the charcoal is lit, the grilling rack can also be attached to the stake and locked on. When using over an open fire, there is no need to attach the charcoal pan to the stake. Afterword, the grill rack can be easily cleaned with a number of substances, including soap & water, steel wool or even oven cleaner. The Rebel Perfect Campfire Grill includes the grilling rack, two-piece stake, charcoal pan, 2 wrenches, 2 screws and carrying bag.
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