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Swagman 2 Bike Carrier The Swagman XC platform two bike carrier allows you to easily transport 2 bicycles at once. It can accommodate nearly any type of bike with a 20-29″ tire diameter, and can adjust to fit any size frame. The middle post can fold down to give you easy access to the rear of your vehicle or RV, while the sides can fold in so it can be easily stored when it is not being used. The powder coat finish is resistant to rust, adding to the overall appearance. It typically fits 2" receivers, however it can be made to fit 1-1/4" receivers as well.
The Swagman XC is made for smoother roads and should not be used while on rough terrain. It is important that the carrier and the bikes are installed and mounted correctly, so as not to cause damage to them or your RV. The exhaust pipe can melt the tires of a bike when it is mounted too closely, therefore a safe distance of 6″ is advised. Keep padding around the bicycles if they touch each other or the RV in order to avoid damage while in transport. The carrier should be adjusted so the bicycle's wheels are able to sit comfortably inside the rack. Keep in mind the added weight and wind resistance when transporting bicycles using the Swagman or any other bike carrier. The Swagman XC is not recommended for mounting on a 5th wheel trailer.
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Swagman Two Bike Carrier