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Hayes Lemmerz Blackbird Brake Controller The Hayes Lemmerz Blackbird Brake Controller is made to work with electric and electric over hydraulic trailer braking systems and will not obstruct any of your vehicle’s electrical systems. The housing features a compact design to save space and is compatible with 2, 4, 6 and 8 electric brake trailers. The time based display is digital to show the amount of power being transmitted and it can be mounted in whatever position you may need.
The way the Blackbird brake controller works is that it transmits more electricity to the trailer brakes the longer the brake pedal is depressed. Afterward it reverts to stand by mode and after 10 minutes goes back to sleep mode. While in sleep mode the display is shut off. The Blackbird also features a manual override lever when braking the trailer without the use of the tow vehicle is necessary. The digital display can also help you detect potential problems. When it senses a short the display will read OL to indicate an overload. This type of problem needs to be corrected before the brake controller is used. The display will read OC to show that the trailer is disconnected, and other readings will indicate whether a connection has an open or closed circuit. It is a good idea to test your settings out before putting it to regular use, to make sure the settings are working the way you intend.
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Hayes Blackbird Brake Controller