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Jensen LED 12VDC TelevisionThere is no reason to have to sacrifice picture quality with your RV's television. You can still get clear pictures and even HD signals while you are away from home. When choosing a TV for your RV, you may have to consider certain things that aren't applicable to a stationary TV in your house. The one for your motorhome should stand up to the stress of travel, including such aspects as road conditions or changing temperatures. Jensen has several sizes of LED TVs that are designed for this type of use. They are similar to other LCD televisions, except they use LEDs to backlight the screen, rather than fluorescent lights.
Ranging from 19" to 32", these flat screen TVs can pick up HD signals and produce high quality images in 1080p. The HDMI input allows you to connect other devices, such as Blu-ray players. The casing is made to handle vibrations, such as those found on bumpy roads. The 16:9 aspect ratio is the standard used for HD capable televisions. These TVs can be adapted to mount on a wall or stand on a table. Like other Jensen products, they are tested to ensure that changing travel conditions won't damage or disrupt performance.
Whether you want your TV on the wall or on a table, Jensen has accessories available for that as well. Table stands come in two sizes, depending on the dimensions of your television. Once the TV is locked in place on the stand, it can be situated wherever you want. This gives you more options in choosing a location than mounting it to a wall. If you prefer the stability of a wall mount, they are available in fixed or hinged versions. Hinged wall mounts will give you the ability to position your TV in the optimum direction, where as a fixed wall mount is ideal if the TV does not have to be moved.
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