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Fan-Tastic Dome Sensor Vent with ThermostatHaving the right type of rooftop vent or powered vent fan for your RV is important for maintaining interior air quality. Besides replacing stale, musty air with fresh air, they help to get rid of odors, such as those created while cooking. In the warmer months, circulating outside air can also keep inside temperatures down, which can sometimes save you from having to run an air conditioner. Moisture buildup, which is common in bathrooms and other smaller spaces, can be prevented through the use of a vent. If you are looking to change or upgrade the rooftop vents on your motorhome, there are different types of Fan-Tastic rooftop vent options available.
Obviously the main decision is whether you want a powered vent that comes with a fan, or a static vent that doesn't use any electricity. Having an electric fan will certainly keep air moving and remove any poor quality air at a quicker pace. Fan-Tastic powered vents all operate on similar principles, but each of them has slightly different features. If removing odors from the air in your RV is a primary concern, getting a rooftop vent fan with a reversible motor is ideal. Depending on your preferences, you'll be able to either bring outside fresh air in, or draw out the foul air from inside. If you only wish to operate the fan at certain times, the 8000 Create-A-Breeze Fan activates once the vent is raised approximately 2". This makes it great for bathrooms or other areas where prolonged ventilation may not be needed. If you are mostly interested in temperature control, choosing a model with a thermostat may be your best option. Both the 6000RBTA Dome Sensor Vent and 802250 Power Vent feature thermostats that will activate the fan when the interior RV temperature gets too high. Static, or non-powered vents work on the same principle as having your windows open at home. A static vent naturally circulates the air without the added energy consumption of using a fan. Both of the Fan-Tastic non-powered vents have screened openings that allow air to circulate without letting in insects or other creatures.
A characteristic you may wish to consider is whether you want the dome to be operated manually or automatically. Manual openings allow you to control when the dome is up or down, while automatic openings bring added convenience. For the most convenience, the sensor on the 6000RBTA allows it to close the dome when it senses rain, as well as re-open the dome once the sensor dries. The 800600 EZ Breeze Powered Vent can be operated in rainy or sunny conditions, because the dome stays down. Ventilation tabs are located inside the fan and allow the air in, while keeping out rainy weather. Most of the powered fans have multiple speeds, as well as 'smoke' colored domes. The smoke colored domes are made to filter out UV rays while still allowing some light inside. Other vents feature clear domes, which allow all forms of light, or opaque white domes which block the light.
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Fan-Tastic RV Rooftop Vent Fans

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