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Buena Vista Room The 12-13 foot Buena Vista Room from Carefree of Colorado will extend the available living space for your RV and increase your enjoyment of the outdoors. It attaches to the side on most vertical awnings, without the need to drill or have it professionally installed. It can also protect you from the sun or inclement weather, as it is waterproof and seals tight against the elements. When traveling, the lightweight Buena Vista room can be stored in the storage bag that comes with it. Privacy is ensured through the zippered panels on the inside that can cover up the clear panels. The 12 to 13 foot size makes it ideal for picnics or relaxation. It is easy to install, taking less than 15 minutes to mount. The door can be positioned on the left or right side, while the extension panel will ensure that it fits even the more oddly sized rooms.
The Buena Vista room is made from gray polyester and vinyl material, the same kind that tents are made from. It comes in larger sizes than the Carefree Weekend’r range and unlike the Vacation’r room, it will fit the Carefree Campout or Freedom awnings from 3-5 meters. It fits several other types of Carefree vertical arm awnings and will work with most other manufacturers as well. The Buena Vista room can also be secured to the ground through the use of ground stakes and to the side of the RV.
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RV Buena Vista Room