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On The Go Dual Bed Water De-ionizerWe have previously discussed the reasons for having a TV antenna for your RV. These can include not wanting to miss your favorite shows or the big game, as well as having a source of news and weather information in the event that you need it. However, there are many options when it comes to RV TV antennas, which can be overwhelming if you aren't sure what you want. Certain factors besides budget should be taken under consideration. How much time you'll spend watching TV, whether you'll use it outside and the number of channels you want to receive are all things to think about before making a decision. This article will go over a few of the TV antennas available for your motorhome.
Some of the more basic antennas include off-air versions. These are ideal if all you mainly want to view are the local broadcast stations. Most are intended for use once your coach is parked. The hand crank models can be operated from inside the RV, and can be positioned so they face in the most optimum direction. The hand crank also raises them for TV viewing or lowers them for travel or inclement weather. The Winegard RoadStar Omni-directional Antenna does not need to be rotated or positioned, as it can pick up signals from any direction. This ultimately saves you the time of trying to find the most receptive direction. Off-air antennas can be amplified or non-amplified. The difference there is an amplified antenna will be able to pick up signals at a farther distance than a non-amplified antenna.
If you want to receive more channels, or HD channels, you may want to step to an HD capable antenna or satellite antenna. HD capable antennas have the amplification needed to receive high definition signals. The Winegard Rayzar is a hand crank model that is made to be raised or lowered for travel. King Controls offers a fixed model that can rotate in any direction, but does not need to be cranked up or down. Like the Roadstar, there is also a Winegard Rayzar multi-directional antenna that will automatically aim to find the best signal. Satellite antennas work with the satellite receiver to provide you with a wide variety of available programming. The features on different models may vary, including units that automatically locate a signal, units that work while the RV is in motion, and units that can receive signals from multiple satellites at once. Another thing to consider with satellite antennas what providers they are compatible with, such as DirecTV or DISH.
When you want greater flexibility without having to permanently install an antenna on your coach, a portable model may be what you want. Portable antennas come in as many varieties as permanently installed versions. They can be set directly on the ground or on a stand, so you can position them almost any way you want to get the best reception. Certain units, such as the King Controls VuQube, can work off two receivers at once if desired. This is perfect if more than one TV will be in use at the same time. Most of the portable antennas offered through RVUpgrades are satellite antennas. Winegard Rayzar has two smaller models, including one intended strictly for indoor use, that are made for local broadcasts but are HD capable. These two antennas can be hung or placed almost wherever you want for the most optimum location.
If you need additional help in choosing an RV TV antenna, please feel free to contact us.
By Julie T

TV Antennas for Your Motorhome

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