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Camco Pump Converter Winterizing Kit When the camping season draws to a close for the year, its important to winterize your RV so you are not met with unwanted surprises come spring. One important area to consider is making sure your pipes do not freeze during the cold weather. The Camco pump converter winterizing kit offers a solution to that problem by winterizing your pipes with anti-freeze. This kit can draw the anti-freeze right from the bottle. This allows you to use your existing water pump year after year when winterizing your RV. The kit includes pump adapters for different pumps, a brass valve with cap, a siphon hose with fitting and Teflon tape. To use, install the valve to the pump entry port then attach the siphon hose to the valve with the other end going in the bottle of anti-freeze. Turn on the pump and the anti-freeze can be taken straight from the bottle.
Consult your owner’s manual for your RV before winterizing to make note of any specific needs, requirements, or restrictions it has. When winterizing your RV with anti-freeze it is important to also use a by-pass kit to by-pass the water heater, otherwise it will fill up with anti-freeze. All faucets/water pipes should be winterized with anti-freeze to keep them protected from freezing during the winter months. This includes faucets with hot & cold water, outside showers and toilets. The owner’s manuals should be checked before winterizing ice makers and washing machines. A pump converter winterizing kit like the one from Camco will allow you to winterize the water pipes and faucets in your RV much quicker and easier.
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Camco Pump Converter Kit