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Seat Armour Seat Towels The seat towels by Seat Armour are made to keep your car seats clean and looking like new. They fit over the head rest to provide a close fit and simple installation. Made from cotton terry/velour, they are soft and comfortable. It keeps the seat protected from all kinds of stains, dirt, odors and scratches. They are ideal for parents and pet owners, as they will protect the seat from spills and pet dander. When going to the beach or a park, Seat Armour keeps any dirt, sand or mud tracked inside your vehicle off the seats. Seat Armour also guards against food stains, coming in handy if you or one of your passengers needs to eat in the vehicle. They are perfect for keeping the seat clean after you have been at the gym, or have done some type of activity outside.
These protective covers are available in a variety of colors and styles, including many with manufacturer logos to match the make of your vehicle. Different branches of the military can be represented, such as the Air Force, Army & Marines. Blank solid color seat towels are also offered. They are also machine washable, in the event that your Seat Armour does get dirty. They are also intended to work with your vehicle’s safety features. For example, in the event your airbag gets deployed, Seat Armour is made to work with the movement of the airbag and will not be a hindrance to its normal operation.
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