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Ensuring you have a good time while RV'ing means properly managing your RV sanitation needs. This doesn't have to be difficult and here are a few tips we’d like to share with you that will make things much easier.

Your RV is equipped with storage tanks for fresh water, black water and gray water. Each one has to be maintained differently if you are to have an adequate supply of water for drinking, bathing and flushing your toilet. The size of each tank will also vary based upon the make and model of your particular RV.

The fresh water tank is the largest of the three, and provides you with fresh water for drinking and cooking. To ensure this water is clean it is a good idea to use an exterior water filter on your supply hose to remove any contaminates. For even better filtration, add a filter designed especially for removing chemicals such as chlorine from the water supply at the kitchen sink. end of a short section of hose, or use a filter. Another great product we have been using is the One Touch RV Water Saving Aerator which allows you to turn on and off the water at your kitchen & bathroom sink very quickly.

The gray water tank collects water from your sink and shower drains which means it's usually the first one to need to be dumped. A portable tote tank can be the answer to keeping you out of the shower house which aren't always as clean and sanitary as your RV's. Another rule to remember is always dumped your black water tank first and use the gray water to wash out your sewer hose. This will eliminate the possibility of black water waste remaining behind and subsequently requiring you to clean it.

You’ll experience a lot less build up in your gray water tank and drains whenever you use green bio degradable soaps to shower and wash dishes with. Your black water tank will also require less maintenance whenever you use toilet paper that is rated for RV or septic tank use. Good water conservation practices should be used at all times so these tanks won’t fill up before your stay is over.

These easy tips will help you stay on top of RV sanitation, so you can keep on camping without hitting the dump station so frequently.

By Bill Rowell
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Managing your RV Sanitation