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RV hardware upgrades
If you've recently bought a used RV, you will want to do some quick updates to give your own sense of style. Big or small, these inexpensive improvements to your RV hardware will make life easier and more secure. In this blog entry we'll share a few quick hardware upgrades that will compliment your lifestyle and give you peace-of-mind.
RV Door Hardware
Not only is the door the first thing seen as you enter your new RV, it's used the most and provides a secure barrier between you and the outside world. These easy to do and takes a minimal amount of time and energy. RV door hardware upgrades are inexpensive and give your entrance a touch of class.
You'll want to make sure your handle is secure on the outside door as well as the interior screen door. Locking door handles are easier to replace than most people think, and can be done with just a screw driver. They come with simple instructions that make for quick, easy installation. This is a project most any RV owner can do in less than an hour.
The windows obviously need to open and close correctly and you'll want to make sure they are weather-tight. RV window hardware is pretty basic and only takes a few minutes to fix. The mechanism should be inspected for wear, lubricated and any parts replaced. These are usually parts you won't find out on the road. Better to order them from an online RV parts supplier and make the repair before you leave for vacation.
RV Cabinet Hardware
Cabinet doors and drawers have latches that keep them from flying open as you go around corners. If you've ever had this happen, you know how messy, distracting and dangerous it can be. Fortunately, door and drawer catches are inexpensive and can be swapped out within minutes.
Hinges, door and drawer handles are just as easy to replace. With all the different styles available to the RV owner, you can redo all of them at once so they all match. It's a great way to upgrade and assure that your doors and drawers all work properly.
RV Curtain Hardware
Curtains serve a couple of purposes; to provide privacy and to control the light coming in. Like with everything in an RV, you need to make sure they are secure and won't bang around as you drive down the road. Some prefer curtains and some prefer blinds; but no matter your taste, you can find something to suit the interior of your RV.

Unlike your homes drapes, RV curtains are easy to reach to swap out the hardware. RV hardware manufacturers know their business and make them easy to replace. With a new set of window coverings and curtain hardware, you can match any style and install them yourself in an afternoon.