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Glendinning Cablemaster Motorized RV Power Cord ReelPower cord and hose reels can bring a lot of convenience for RV storage. Hoses and cords are kept neat and organized rather than being placed in a pile. Keeping them neatly wound up also saves storage space and makes them easier to use when you need them. Using a reel will allow you to only pull out the amount that you need, and it will eliminate the kinks or tangles. They will also make the most use of your space so the hose or cord takes up the smallest amount of room. Reels can vary by more than just dimensions and capacity. The type of retraction, mounting style and the intended purpose for the reel also come into play when making a decision.
Most power cord reels can be used while the cord is connected, without having to use the entire length of cord. There are also reels meant purely for storage of detachable cords. There are low profile as well as flat versions, so you won't necessarily need to find a tall vertical space for a reel. The flat versions can even be mounted from the ceiling if you want. Many of them come with a 50 or 30 Amp power cord. If a hose reel is what you are looking for, take care to make sure the hose is made for your intended purpose. For example, a drinking water hose is made from materials that will not contaminate the water, ensuring it remains safe to consume. Other types of hoses may be made for other uses, such as exterior washing. A hose is included with most of these reels. Hose and power cord reels made especially for marine applications are also available.
The type of retraction can be either by a hand crank or a motor. Hand crank reels give you total manual control over how fast the hose or cord is retracted. Motorized reels can automatically rewind simply by the push of a button. In both cases, its a good idea to guide the hose or cord back onto the reel so that it stores neatly and stops when the end is reached. The Glendinning Cablemaster and Hosemaster reels have rollers to assist in this step. Floor rollers and hatches can also be purchased separately for the Shoreline reels. If you have additional questions regarding what reel you should choose, please don't hesitate to contact us.
By Julie T

Hose and Cord Reels for Your RV

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