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Front Hitch AccessoriesWhen towing a trailer or camper behind your tow vehicle, it leaves no room behind for any hitch accessories to be functional. This is where if you have a front hitch you can get accessories that will increase space or be helpful to you and your vehicle. This article will give just a few examples of the accessories that we carry that may be helpful to you on your next road trip.
If you own an SUV or van and have a roof rack, you are more than likely using it for extra space to put things while traveling. If you have ever struggled to reach your things on the roof, then you know how frustrating it can be. A step pad works great to solve this problem, it can attach to the front or the back hitch, giving you a little extra height to reach what you need. Another great use for this step, is when you have to make repairs under the hood, it makes it easy to get to parts that may be out of reach.
The step pad is only useful when not driving, these next two products are made specifically for use when traveling down the road. As you know in a lot of states it is illegal to drive with out a front license plate. With having a front hitch, it may interfere with where your plate would normally be. In this case installing a Curt License Plate Holder onto your hitch would be the best solution to visibly displaying your license plate. Another accessory that serves a great purpose is a spare tire mount. When towing a trailer it is next to impossible to put your spare in the back. Instead of not bringing the tire with you, in risk of a flat, this mount will carry the tire mounted to the front hitch of the vehicle. The photo in this article represents how this mount is used.
The last product to discuss in this article is the Curt Skid Shield. The purpose of this is to protect your vehicle from rough roads and other areas. When your front hitch is not being used apply the skid shield to prevent damage to your hitch or bumper from ground contact and other objects. It can also be used as a decorative piece like a cover for your receiver. It will also stop moisture and debris from getting inside the hitch and making it harder to install accessories.
These are only a few of the accessories that can be used on your front hitch, just about anything that can install into your rear hitch, can also be installed on the front, as long as the receiver sizes are the same. If you have any questions regarding any of our products, please feel free to contact us.
By Heather L

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