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RV Rubber Roof MaintainencePart of the care and maintenance of owning an RV involves preserving the condition of your RV's roof. If you have a rubber roof, it is recommended that it be cleaned a few times a year, especially if it is made from EPDM. Rubber roofing is susceptible to the wear and tear it receives not only during travel, but from simple exposure to the elements. Dicor offers a system that cleans and even helps prolong the life of your roof. Even if you take good care of your roof, time and unforeseen hazards can cause damage that may still require a roof replacement. If the roof membrane is in need of replacement, there are Dicor products available to assist in that task as well.
Cleaning & Restoration
Using restoration products on your motorhome's roof can go a long way toward prolonging its life and saving you from a costly replacement. If you have an EPDM roof, the basic system of Dicor's roof cleaning and care involves a two part process. The first part entails Dicor Cleaner/Activator. After removing any larger bits of debris from the roof, a layer of cleaner/activator can be applied using a sprayer. Afterward, let it sit for at least 15 minutes, then rinse to remove. The second part, the rubber roof coating, requires two coats, with the first coat being allowed to dry completely in between. This coating creates a protects against such hazards as UV damage and weathering. Besides the standard coating, another option is to use Dicor CoolCoat, which is made to reduce heat transfer. Both products are made to be used together and not with any other types of cleaners or coatings. The entire process needs to be completed within a day for proper results.
Roof Membrane Replacement
If you need to replace your EPDM roof membrane, Dicor has a three part system that entails the membrane, bonding adhesive and lap sealant. All three are sold separately, or with an installation kit that includes both the lap sealant and adhesive, as well as butyl tape. The membrane is still purchased separately. The EPDM membrane is sold in a variety of widths and lengths, ranging from 8'6" x 21' to 9'6" x 40'. It is designed to be water tight and reflects UV light, while also staying resistant to wearing and fading. It is used as a completely new replacement requiring the old rubber roof membrane be removed and roof structure be inspected. The membrane sticks to the surface using the water based bonding adhesive. This adhesive should only be used when applying membrane to an absorbent substrate. It is designed to give you sufficient time to apply the membrane and remove air bubbles as needed. Lap sealant is used around any rooftop appliances, screws, and along seams to provide waterproof protection. Dicor's lap sealant is specifically made for RV roofs and works on several different types of materials, including EPDM, TPO, fiberglass, wood, and aluminum. Sealants and adhesives should be allowed to set for at least 48 hours after installation.
If you have questions on care and maintenance of your RV roof, or on what products are right for you, please feel free to contact us.
By Julie T

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