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Mr Beams LED Anywhere Ceiling Light The Mr. Beams LED Anywhere Ceiling Light is a wireless ceiling light with a motion sensor. This ceiling light turns on when it senses movement and is weatherproof, so it can be mounted most anywhere. The LED is bright white making it useful when trying to illuminate a dark area. It works not only for RVs but also for closets, showers and outside porches and gazebos. The motion sensor has a range of 20 feet and the light will shut off if there is no movement detected after 30 seconds. The light can cover more than 260 square feet of space and the LED has a life of 50,000 hours. Battery life is further conserved because the Ceiling Light only turns on when it senses darkness, rather than turning on in a bright area when it is not needed. The 3500K LED gives off a warmer white light, which is more yellow then the cooler white or daylight LEDs.
To use, simply take off the back panel and remove the battery panel door. Then install four C batteries into the unit and put back the battery panel door. The back panel is screwed onto the wall or ceiling where you want the light mounted and the ceiling light is then put back onto the back panel. The ceiling light can also be mounted with strong double stick tape if you do not wish to use screws. The process is not complicated and only takes a few minutes.
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Mr Beams LED Ceiling Light