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Propane TankYour RV is both a motor vehicle and a home away from home. As such, it has a number of parts that must be inspected on a regular basis to ensure they are working properly, especially if it has been sitting in storage for the winter. Don’t wait for repairs to become noticeable before you take action, as checking these parts often will allow you to avoid bigger problems, that will cost you a ton of money and possibly do a lot of damage to your vehicle.
Propane Tank and Hoses
Check the hoses near your propane tank to see if there are any holes, cracks or splits, as this could result in a leak. You should also inspect the nut on the end of the line to make sure it isn't worn or cracked, and replace it if necessary. Look for a gas regulator, which is usually located on the top or side of your propane compartment, to see if it is leaking or shows signs of excessive wear. This part controls the gas flow to the appliances inside the RV and they tend to wear out after about ten years, so you may want to replace yours if it’s older than that, even if you don’t spot a problem.
Pipes and Fittings
RVs can be prone to water leaks, especially after being stored for the winter. For this reason, you should check underneath the sink to view the condition of your pipes when taking your RV out of storage in the spring. You should also flush the toilet, turn on all faucets and check around your water heater to make sure everything is in good working order.
Miscellaneous Items
The gas and plumbing lines are two major components that need inspecting; however, there are also numerous others, including:
  • Roof vents, to see that they open and close properly
  • Heating and air conditioning systems
  • Worn or missing gaskets on outside storage compartments
  • Locks and other hardware on doors and windows
  • Stabilizers to make sure they still go up and down properly
By checking the condition of these parts you will know that your RV is ready for use. Browse though our wide selection of RV parts on our site to find what you need, if you have any questions feel free to contact us.
By Heather L

Tanks, Hoses, Pipes and Fittings

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