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Outdoor LightsHave you ever been to a campground and tried walking around outside your camper, motor home or RV at night, without any outdoor lighting, it's not that easy is it? The number one reason why outdoor lights are so important is obviously because of the dark night. Trying to find your way around in the dark can not only be dangerous but it can also be scary. The idea of the unknown can be nerve wracking, is there an animal out there, am I going to step on something sharp or trip over something and fall. What about when the campfire dies out? If you don't have lights, then you have to make your way back to your RV in the dark. These are just a few ways, in which outdoor lights can be important.
Another reason for getting outdoor lights is for decoration. When you have a home on wheels you like to decorate and make it look nice for others to admire. A lot of the string lights are perfect for this, having designs from beer bottles, red white and blue stars, to colorful globe lights. Every time you go camping you see more and more trendy decorative lights hanging from others RVs, motor homes and campers.
Here are a few other examples of the different types of outdoor lights we carry:
Motion Sensor Lights: These lights are great to be used as a porch light or a spot light. Hang one of these outside your RV in your porch area or right by the door and it will light up the entire area, it is pointed toward. They also have a motion sensor so you don't have to worry about turning them on and off, all you have to do is move around and it senses your movement and turns on.
Awning Lights: These are strips that can be cut down to fit the size of your awning, they attach and run along the inside flap. They come in white or different colors and light up the entire patio area, making them perfect for relaxing and talking or even playing a game of cards.
Lanterns: They are the perfect solution for light if you are not staying in one spot, for instance if you like to take a night walk, they can be taken with you to light the way. They are also great for taking that hike to the campground bathroom, if you don't have one inside your motor home, RV or camper.
By Heather L

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