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Pro Series Amigo Cargo Carrier bag When you are looking for extra storage, one option is to certainly use a hitch mounted cargo carrier. Sometimes, however that may not be enough to keep your belongings secure during transport. Likewise, the flat surface of the basket can only accommodate so many items. Certain things also need to be kept protected from the weather, but the necessary room is not always available inside the vehicle. A cargo carrier bag can help eliminate those issues.
The Pro Series Amigo Cargo Carrier Bag provides ample storage space while also keeping your things safe from the elements. The bag comes with 6 straps attached so it can be securely tied down to the cargo carrier. Once closed, waterproof material will keep your things dry in the event of a rainfall. The flap on the lid fits over the zipper and uses Velcro fastenings to stay in place. At almost 5 feet long and 2 feet high, the storage area is large enough to fit nearly anything. It will work with nearly any cargo carrier so long as it is large enough to accommodate the bag.
Make sure when loading the bag that the heaviest items are on the bottom, with the lighter items on top. If the bag has nothing in it, it should be kept in storage rather than being transported on the cargo carrier empty. Also remember to keep the bag away from any exhaust pipes. This cargo carrier bag is sure to come in handy the next time you need that little bit of extra storage space.

Pro Series 63604 Amigo Hitch Cargo Carrier Bag