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Voyager WVOS713 Observation System Having a backup camera or observation system is key when driving a larger vehicle such as an RV. No matter how confident you may be in your ability to maneuver a vehicle, it is to your advantage to take the extra step in avoiding potential damage. Rear-view mirrors can only do so much to help you see past blind spots. Installing a camera system can allow you to see further than the mirrors can reach. The Voyager WVOS713 is one such system that provides a way to get a better view, while using wireless technology to make things easier.
The Voyager WVOS713 Observation System utilizes a feature called WiSight. Using a digital signal, WiSight is able to lock the camera with the corresponding monitor so signals are only received by that specific system. This reduces the risk of any potential interference that may come from other devices. Because the signal works for 60+ foot lengths, it is ideal for use in RVs. The 7" color display and color camera can provide you with an accurate, easy to see view of your surroundings. A 12 volt plug and suction cup for the monitor increases the portability, while the mounting bracket for the camera is made from non-corrosive material, so you won't have to worry about it rusting off.
Keep in mind that using a camera system does not take the place of using your mirrors. Caution should always be used while maneuvering your vehicle. The Voyager WVOS713 also undergoes testing to ensure its quality and performance capabilities. This includes tests for the various changing conditions found while traveling. Please note that any exposure to moisture should be very limited.

Voyager 7" Wireless Observation System