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It's so easy to forget the importance of water until it is not available. We need quality water for drinking, showering, and cleaning. When making a list of RV supplies for travel, many overlook this necessity. It is rv water filtersassumed that every part of the country has clean safe drinking water and it will never be in short demand. However, finding yourself without the quality of water that you are accustomed to, can make you question the purity.

RV Water Filters

By adding a water filtration system to your RV, the worry of always having safe drinking water is minimized significantly. It begins with an exterior water filter that is design to capture contaminates before they enter your RV's water system. Include an interior under the sink filter and you will have removed the unpleasant taste, odors, and particles related to many drinking water sources and reduced bacteria, spores, algae, and parasite residue by up to 99.99%. Whether your outfitting a large motorhome or small trailer you will find an RV water filter that is just right for your water usage.

Portable Water Softening Units

Living without a water softener can become problematic in more ways than one. Besides the fact that it seems to take more water to shower and the soap does not suds as well, there is also the stubborn residue that quickly builds up on sinks and showers. You will not find soft water at most recreational areas, especially when traveling along the ocean or in the mountains. The hard water minerals that travel through your pipes can also shorten their life. Portable softening units can cut back on maintenance costs and also make you feel more comfortable. These units work just like a softener found in your home, but have a compact foot-print and are easy to regenerate on the road.

Not all water filtration systems and water softeners are designed the same. For units that are under warranty and also guarantee quality results, name brand companies, like Culligan and 3M, should be considered. Other water purification equipment is also available to make your travel experience more enjoyable such as De-Ionizing systems and Oxygenics shower heads, keeping you from having a surprise encounter with poor water quality.

By Kathleen G

The Importance of Water when Shopping for RV supplies