BatteryMinder Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I charge more than one battery at a time with the BatteryMINDers?
A: You can charge up to four batteries of similar type and condition with the 12 volt BatteryMINDers (model #12117).  You can charge up to six batteries of different type and condition with the 12 volt BatteryMINDers (model #12248), the 24 volt BatteryMINDers (model #24021), the 36 volt BatteryMINDers (model #36131) or with the 48 volt BatteryMINDers (model #48041).
Q: How can I prevent Thermal Fuse Burn-out?
A: Click HERE for an in-depth review.
Q: When does BatteryMINDers start and stop charging my battery?
A: BatteryMINDers always remains on. Its output will increase or decrease in response to your battery's needs. It never shuts off. All batteries need to be kept on continual maintenance charge to prevent discharge and "Lead Plate Sulphation".
Q: What happens if I connect BatteryMINDers to my battery incorrectly?
A: Nothing! The green light will not turn on. Simply reverse the battery clips and the green light will come on and remain on until disconnected!
Q: Will BatteryMINDers first recharge bring my battery to full capacity and then maintain it forever?
A: Yes BatteryMINDers fully recharges your battery and keeps it at full charge indefinitely (weeks, months, even years)!
Q: Does BatteryMINDers extend the life of my battery?
A: Yes, by preventing and eliminating "Lead Plate Sulphation", which occurs when a battery is not used or kept charged.
Q: Do I need to add water to my battery when connected and maintained by BatteryMINDers?
A: BatteryMINDers prevents "boil-off" due to overcharging, the main cause of water loss.
Q: How do I know if my battery is sulphated?
A: By carefully removing the battery cell caps and looking into each cell you will see evidence of a white crystal, frost-like coating. This is the sulphation, which is permanently destroying your battery's ability to store a charge.
Q: If my battery already has started to sulfate can BatteryMINDers save it?
A: Yes, it can prevent any further sulphation. See Charger with a Brain.
Q: I've seen other maintenance-type battery chargers for less money. Why should I buy BatteryMINDers?
A: These other chargers shut off, then wait for the battery to self discharge before turning back on. This is when Sulphation occurs! Also, none of them can reverse the sulphate build-up in your battery. Only the BatteryMINDers can accomplish this safely and inexpensively.
Q: Anytime I leave my battery for even short periods of time I find it either dead or dying. What can I do to maintain my battery at full charge without overcharging it, during these periods?
A: The BatteryMINDers prevents batteries from discharging without the risk of overcharge no matter how long they are left connected. Note: Please read description of each unit very carefully before making your decision.
Q: Is there a way to bring back a dying battery, even one that is several years old?
A: Yes, with the BatteryMINDers you can reverse the sulphation buildup that is killing your battery.
Q: How can I know if my battery is healthy and charging system is working correctly before I have a problem starting ?
A: Battery and Alternator Conditioner Tester (Model 12104) protects and displays the condition of your battery + alternator / charging system at a touch of a button.
Q: What do the red and green lights mean in the BatteryMINDers?
A: The red light comes on when the BatteryMINDers is plugged in an electrical outlet. The green LED lights when the unit is properly attached to the battery posts. The blinking green light means that the BatteryMINDers is in the desulphation-maintenance mode.
Q: When should I press the Desulphation button on my BatteryMINDers?
A: This button should only be pressed if the green light does not automatically blink within 72 hours. Note that you only need to press the button lightly without using force. Pressing this button in less time will prevent the battery from being fully charged or desulphated in the shortest possible time. Note that the failure to press the Desulphation button if the green light does not blink within 72 hours may lead to unit burn-out or battery damage.
Q: How do I tell if my BatteryMINDers is working properly?
A: Test it on your car battery. Green light should start blinking after a short period of time. Test the battery with a voltmeter. It should read around 13 volt DC.
Q: How do I test my battery with a hydrometer?
A: 1. When using the tester for the first time or after a long period of non-use, fill the tester with battery fluid and let sit for 1/2 hour or longer. This will soak the balls in order to give you more accurate readings. Failure to do so will give you false readings, indicating a battery that may not be in as good condition as you may have thought.
2. After inserting the tester in a cell, gently tap the tester several times against the inside the wall of each cell to dislodge air bubbles that will cause more balls to float than should. Failure to do so will yield false readings indicating a battery that is not fully desulphated or does not qualify for desulphation.
3. ALWAYS rinse the tester with fresh water after every use. Failure to do so will cause false readings. Store the tester in a holder to prevent breakage.
Q: Can I use model 12112 (12 volt BatteryMINDers) to charge and maintain my Optima batteries?
A: Yes, you can use it on Optima batteries for short periods (2-3 months) at a time. If you need to maintain your Optima batteries for longer periods, you should get the BatteryMINDers adjusted for Optima batteries.  If you need to maintain your Optima batteries for longer periods, you should get the BatteryMINDer models 12118 or 12248-ODY adjusted for Optima batteries.