1. Bumper fascia must be removed and replaced during installation.


2. Requires some trimming of bumper (fascia, plastic, and/or grill).


3. Requires some drilling (not major).


4. Requires some trimming of the air dam.


5. Requires some trimming of the belly pan.


6. Headlights must be removed and replaced during installation.


7. Steel belly pan must be removed and remain off the vehicle after installation.


8. Fog lights must be removed and remain off the vehicle after installation.


9. Tow hooks must be removed and remain off the vehicle after installation,


10. The vehicle must have factory tow hooks to mount the bracket to.


11. The weight of this vehicle is near the Class III, 5000 lb, rating limitations. Some models, depending on options, may well exceed this 5000 lb rating. Be sure to confirm the weight of your individual vehicle before towing. As of 1999 the Aventa II is now rated at 10000 lbs and either the Aventa II or Alexus tow bar must be used for these applications. Tow bar adapters not to be used with vehicles weighing over 5000 lbs.


12. Baseplate has non-24" spaced attachment tabs. Requires either a motorhome mounted tow bar or an adapter to utilize a car mounted tow bar. The BX88153 adapter can not be used on non 24" baseplates. See "Accessories" on back page. Tow bar adapters are not to be used with vehicles weighing over 5000 lbs.


13. Use only with motorhome mount tow bars or the BX8833 or BX88151 adapters. Removable tabs with only one hole will not attach to car mount tow bars or other adapters. The Acclaim may only be used with removable tab baseplates that have 22" or greater spaced tabs. The Adventurer may be used with baseplates having 24"-40" spaced removable tabs. The Ambassador may only be used with 24" spaced removable tabs.


14. Due to a tail light bulb out indicator in the wiring system, Jeep Grand Cherokee's must be wired with a BX8869 wiring kit. The BX8811 wiring can not be used.


15. Specific dinghy towing restrictions apply. They may include specific towing speeds and distances, and/or lubricating the transmission and transfer case with the engine idling, then running selector through the gears. Other restrictions may also apply. Confirm the towability and pre-towing procedures of your vehicle with the owner's manual or contact the vehicle's manufacturer for specific towing procedures.


16. a. Front bumperettes interfere with tow bar & must be removed.

b. A few late '84 models are in fact 85's. The 82-84 front bumper mounting bracket is bolted to the bumper and the chassis. The 85 is bolted to the bumper & welded to the chassis.


17. Sold as a complete unit only. Boxed it is Federal Express shippable.


18. Downsized models only. Off Road package requires cutting some metal.


19. The optional brush guards interfere with mounting the baseplate. Part # BX3502 center section for the Samurai is compatible.


20. 8820 hold-up kit is intended to convert an old style flip-up to a new style. Some welding is required.


21. Soft bottom edge of bumper must be compressed rearward about 1 1/2".


22. Will not mount on models with Soft Color Key bumper.


23. The 93-95 Sable requires cutting in the lower bumper. This is not true for the Taurus application.


24. This baseplate will fit the 1991 Camry, however, lower metal bumper/spoiler must be removed while baseplate is on the car.


25. Horizontal opening in bumper must be widened approximately 3/4" to allow tow bar attachment tabs to protrude.


26. One piece standard design.


27. Two piece standard design.


28. 2 1/2" MPH Bumper only. Does not fit Shelby EX.


29. Includes GTI. Will not fit sport spoiler or Wolfsburg package.


30. Baseplate will work with the steel skid plate installed.


31. 2001 Dodge Dakota's-some of the accessories stay on when the key is left in the towing position causing battery drain.


32. Early 99's were produced with the same body style as the 98's, then later models have the new styling. The new style chassis has amber rear turn signals instead of red.


33. The 2002 Corolla measures 33 1/2" inches between the front frame ends. The 2002 1/2 Corolla is wider at 35 1/4" between the front frame ends.


34. Running lights must be removed.


35. Chevy and GMC full size vehicles may require removing the tow hooks and brush guards.


36. Some welding is required.


37. License plate bracket may need to be relocated.


38. Air dam must be removed and remain off the vehicle after installation.


39. 2 1/2 MPH Bumper Only. Does not fit Shelby CEX.


40. Can not be used on vehicles with air conditioning.


41. Can not be used with adapters.


42. Vehicle may accumulate miles when flat towing. Consult your vehicle's owner's manual.


43. The BX1948 will only work on 2003-05 Dodge Ram 1500 models with a vertical distance of 2 inches between the inside holes of the tow hook brackets. The BX1957 baseplate is designed for the 3-bolt, each side, solid-bar tow hooks with a vertical distance of 1 1/2 inches between the inside holes of the tow hook brackets.


44. Will not fit the Harley Davidson Special Edition or STX edition trim packages for 2003-05models.


45. Due to the design of the baseplate, a second 5/16" hole can not be drilled to accommodate the RangeFinder II towbar.


46. Due to the design of the baseplate, the Adventurer towbar can not be used with the baseplate.


47. The BX88152 adapter can not be used with this baseplate.


48. Blue Ox 1/2" receiver locks can not be used with this baseplate.



WT. Weights include boxing, subtract 1-2 lbs. for installation weight. Weights may vary 2 lbs. due to packaging variations.


IR. (Installation Rating) is a rough measure of the time required for baseplate or bracket installation by a trained installer. These numbers can be used as rough suggested installation time in hours by a trained installer. The first installation of a particular baseplate, and installation by untrained individuals will likely increase installation time substantially.


WR. Vehicles that will accept a BX8869 wiring kit are denoted with 69, those that need the BX8811 wiring kit an 11, and those that require a BX8847 wiring kit a 47. Only vehicles that contain a number in this column were known at the time of printing this fit list.


T. A T in the model notes, indicates vehicles that to the knowledge of Blue Ox may be towed without the addition of a drive shaft disconnect or lube pump. Honda's have a special procedure for towing (See Blue Ox Service Bulletins SB218 & SB219) and GM vehicles with the 4T40E or 4T45E automatic transmissions must have a fuse pulled for towing. For all other vehicles, please contact Remco Mfg. at 1-800-228-2481. In all instances, consult your vehicle's owner's manual before towing!


TY. R indicates Blue Ox baseplates that have removable attachment tabs. S indicates Blue Ox baseplates with standard attachment tabs. D indicates Duncan bracket kits.


H. Indicates the height of the attachment tabs from the ground.


W. Indicates the distance from center to center of the attachment tabs.




1. VEHICLES FOR WHICH WE DO NOT DESIGN BASEPLATES: We are occasionally asked why we don't make a custom baseplate for a particular car. Sometimes it is because we have not had an opportunity to do that particular model. Other times it is because the model in question is not sold in a sufficiently high quantity to justify the investment in design, testing and tooling necessary to produce a unit. Contact Blue Ox for all models 2001 and newer.


2. OVERWEIGHT VEHICLES: Some vehicles may exceed the 5000 lb. weight limitation on most tow bars. The Aventa II or Aventa LX with a 10000 lb rating must be used for all towing applications in which the towed vehicle's weight exceeds 5000lbs.


3. TOWING AUTOMATICS: Based on reliable information, all Honda, most Saturn, ’95-’05 Chevy Cavalier (4T40E or 4T45E trans.), ’95-’05 Pontiac Sunfire (4T40E or 4T45E trans.), '97-'05 Chevy Malibu, '97-'05 Honda CR-V (See Blue Ox Service Bulletin SB219), '97-'01 Olds Cutlass and '99-05 Pontiac Grand Am cars can be towed with all four wheels on the ground without damaging the engine or transmission. This is an official Saturn, General Motors, GM vehicles must have the 4T40E or 4T45E transmissions to be towable! (See GM Service Bulletin 53-01-05 at your GM Dealer) and Honda position. (See Blue Ox Service bulletin SB218) Another solution to towing an automatic is to pick a 4 wheel drive vehicle such as the Chevrolet S-10 Blazer or Jeep Cherokee and put the transfer case in neutral. Other automatics will require a drive shaft disconnect or a transmission pump.


4. POWER STEERING: We are not aware of any problems with power steering. In most cases it helps, as it acts as a damper. We have encountered vehicle's without power steering that are not towable due to occilation of the steering wheel while towing