Doran Tire Pressure Monitoring System



Doran 360 Tire Pressure Monitoring System FAQ

How easy is it to install the Doran 360™ Tire Pressure Monitoring system?
Programming and installation are very simple. No tools are required. Expected installation is estimated to take approximately one hour. .

How big is the monitor for the Doran 360™ tire pressure monitoring system?
Our new monitor is more compact than our previous product and is 30% smaller than other competitive models. The size is similar to a standard chalkboard eraser. The dimensions are width (5.75") x height (2.25") x depth (1.00"). For the Doran 360M™, the size is similar to a jeweler's ring box. The dimensions are width (1.75") x height (2.00") x depth (1.375").

How much does the monitor weigh?
A. The monitor weighs approximately 5.5 ounces, similar to a cell phone. For The Doran 360M™, the monitor weighs approximately 2.3 ounces, less than a "C" cell battery.

Will the monitor display each tire's pressure or will it simply indicate a low pressure warning?
The Doran 360™ tire pressure monitoring system was designed with a "Green Means Good™" indicator light, which lets the driver know all of the tire pressures are within the specified range. The operator can see each tire's pressure by using the four-way navigational buttons. In addition, there are multiple alarm types that are built-in to the system to make the driver aware of any tire pressure issues.

What happens when the tire pressure gets low?
Audible and visual alarms, which indicate the tire position, are activated when a tire's pressure falls to 12.5% (and also at 25%) below your tires' recommended baseline pressures. The programming of the baselines pressures is a step in the simple installation process for the Doran 360™ tire pressure monitoring system. In addition, we have built-in a "Fast-Leak" alert (patent pending) that will provide an audible and visual alarm when a tire pressure drops by 2.8psi in less than 12 seconds.

What happens when the tire pressure gets too high?
The operator can activate this optional feature during installation. Audible and visual alarms, which indicate the tire position, are triggered when a tire's pressure increases to 25% above your tires' recommended baseline pressures. These baselines pressures are easily programmed during setup of the Doran 360™ Tire Pressure Monitoring System.

How is the tire pressure determined during installation set-up?
We have simplified the process with our new Doran 360™ Tire Pressure Monitoring System. The proper baseline tire pressures are entered during the installation process and you no longer have to be concerned with the conditions (temperature, elevation, etc) to establish the accurate baseline pressures. Soon after the sensors are tightened on to the valve stems, they will provide the reading of each tire's pressure.

How many tires can I monitor with Doran 360™ Tire Pressure Monitoring System?
The Doran 360™ Tire Pressure Monitoring System for trucks and RVs monitors up to 36 tires. The Doran 360M™ motorcycle tire pressure monitoring system monitors two tires, at this time.

Is the tire pressure monitoring system expandable?
Yes, by just adding sensors, the system can expand to monitor from four (4) to thirty-six (36) tire positions for trucks and RVs. The 360M™ is not expandable at this time.

Do you need a remote antenna for the tire pressure monitoring system?
It depends on each situation and setup. We have created three alternatives if a boost to the RF signal from the sensors is required. A signal booster is recommended to effectively receive the signals from each sensor. We have an Interior Signal Booster (Model #3624), Exterior Signal Booster (Model #3625) and a Remote Antenna Kit (Model #3623) that are available for purchase if a signal boost is required.

How has the system been tested?
In addition to our internal quality tests, the Doran 360™ Tire Pressure Monitoring System has been approved by the FCC and tested to SAE standards for temperature, vibration and chemical/water resistance at an independent a2La accredited testing facility.

Is this system a Direct or Indirect system?
The Doran 360™ Tire Pressure Monitoring System is a Direct System which is the most accurate type on the market.

If I purchase a new vehicle, can my system easily transfer?
Yes it can. You can move the monitor to a new vehicle and reprogram the Doran 360™ Tire Pressure Monitoring System to the new tires and you are on your way.

Does the monitor need to be "on" at all times to receive signals from the sensors?
No. We have included a "sleep mode" (patent pending) for the Doran360™ series tire pressure monitoring systems that can be activated when the ignition is turned off and the system is properly hard-wired into the vehicle's electrical system. The alarms are disabled while the system continues to monitor tire pressures. Any tire pressure warnings that triggered an alarm during the "sleep mode" will be activated immediately when the ignition is turned on.

Why did I fail to get a signal from a sensor during installation?
Higher radio frequency (RF) transmissions travel mostly via straight lines and along line-of-sight pathways. The Doran 360™ tire pressure monitoring system sensors are required to accomplish the difficult task of transmitting a low power FCC approved signal from vehicles' tires to the monitor. If a sensor fails to be recognized, move the monitor slightly. The vehicle could be in what is known as a "Dead Zone", this is where the signal is not able to travel because of its surroundings (pole barn siding, metal fence, side of a building). Moving the vehicle just a few feet can sometimes overcome this problem. The sensor will need to be removed and re-installed to activate the sensor for it to report quickly to the monitor. If you are using an optional signal booster kit, reposition the booster for a possible better reception.

How do I mute the audible alert on the Doran tire pressure monitoring system?
Press any button after the alert sounds. This will put the alert in the Quiet Mode. The green light will have turned off, the alert will be displayed on the screen, and the backlight will be lit. This will continue until the alarm has been corrected.

What if the green light on the monitor does not light?
If the green light on monitor does not come on it will signify that something is not correct with the settings that were input during setup to the monitor. Review the information on the display and if a proper air pressure is being displayed be sure that the baseline for the displayed wheel position was entered correctly.

Can I store my vehicle long term with the monitor on?
The monitor draws 60mA to 125 mA of power when it is under power and fully functional. The monitor could drain vehicle's battery over an extended period of time. Hooking the monitor up to enable the Sleep Mode (patent pending) will drastically reduce the power consumption over a long period. If storing for over 3 months, you might consider unplugging the monitor and removing the sensors for storage. (TIP: Clean egg cartons or plastic bags work well for storing the sensors.) Each sensor has its own serial number laser etched into the cover. Be sure to enter these ID numbers in the diagram on page 5 of the instruction manual so the sensors can be replaced on the same tire location when re-installing them, eliminating the need for reprogramming. If a low-pressure alert is given while in storage, the sensor will alert until the pressure is corrected and could dramatically affect the battery life of the sensors. Sensor will shut down and stop transmitting when less than 5 lbs of air pressure are present. When putting system back on, power the monitor first, and then screw the sensors onto their original wheel locations. Pressure readings will display within a few minutes on the monitor. Your Doran 360™ tire pressure monitoring system will now be active.

How do I check the tire pressures?
Updated tire pressures are transmitted to the Doran 360™ monitor every six (6) minutes under normal circumstances. With the monitor in Normal Mode, press the SET button and then press the arrow buttons in order to select a tire's current pressure to display. When you have finished your inspection simply press the set button again to return the monitor to the Normal Mode.

What happens when I remove the sensors to inflate or check the pressure in my tires?
It is recommended that tire pressures be checked regularly using a high-quality pressure gauge when the tires are at ambient temperatures, in addition to the use of a tire pressure monitoring system. Remove the sensor, check pressure, and inflate if necessary. When you return the sensor to the valve stem, the sensor will begin to read the current pressure and return to its normal operation.

What should be done if a low pressure alarm is activated?
Immediately pull over and check low tire. Physically check the tire and repair, if necessary. Be sure to check valve stem for damage. Soap the valve stem to identify any leaks.

What makes my sensors transmit a signal?
Sensors will transmit data to the monitor in two ways:

  • Sensors send an updated signal every six (6) minutes under normal conditions.
  • Sensors transmit any change of pressure from the static pressure.

What causes the monitor to display alarms?
There are multiple reasons for an alarm to be triggered on a Doran tire pressure monitoring system:

  • Air pressure has dropped 12.5% of your baseline tire pressure. This alert will continuously transmit once per second until low pressure is corrected or a button is pressed to place Monitor in Quiet Mode.
  • Air pressure has dropped to the second alert level, 25% under your programmed baseline tire pressures. Alert will transmit twice per second. If a button is not pressed, unit will continue to display an alert until pressure is corrected or up to 15 hours.
  • Air pressure is released from the tire at a rate faster that 2.8 psi in less than 12 seconds. This will initiate a "Fast Leak" (patent pending) alarm.
  • A sensor is removed from its tire
  • The optional high pressure alarm is selected and pressure increases in a tire to 25% above the baseline pressure that was programmed

Do I need to rebalance my tires when using a sensor?
Placing the Doran 360™ tire pressure monitoring systems' .83 oz. sensor on a typical large vehicle will not normally necessitate rebalancing tires. Placing the Doran 360M™ 0.67 ounce sensor on a typical motorcycle will not normally necessitate rebalancing tires.

What should I do if a sensor is lost or damaged?
If a sensor is lost or damaged and needs replacing, call Doran toll free at 1-866-816-7233 or visit our website at to place an order for a new sensor (model #3602).

My sensor was blown off (blowout), why was no alert triggered?
Instant tire failure is rare in comparison to the more common failure caused by gradual tire deflation. It is possible, during an instantaneous blowout, to have the sensor blown off the tire before it has had a chance to send a signal to the monitor. The Doran 360™ tire pressure monitoring system is designed to monitor tire pressures, not to prevent this type of catastrophic tire failure.


RV tire pressure monitoring systems:

Does this tire pressure monitoring system work with a tow vehicle?
Yes, this system works well with the majority of tow vehicles: auto, truck, fifth wheel, boat trailer, horse trailer and others. The monitor on the Doran 360RV™ tire pressure monitoring system is extremely flexible for a variety of applications.

Can the monitor be used independently on an RV or tow vehicle?
Yes, the 12-volt plug adapter that is included on the Doran 360RV™ enables the system to be transferred to a tow vehicle.