RV Sewer Bay Upgrades

So we took a few weekends to get a pretty basic sewer bay in shape for this summer’s camping season. 

RV Sewer Bay

#1 - We added a separate access port for the fresh water hose keeping it away from the sewer area. This part is designed for electrical cords but we found it works great for a through floor access port for the water hose. It opens nice and large when deploying or retrieving the hose, a smaller opening is used when in use to keep critters and locks up tight when not in use. Deluxe Round Cable Hatch only $10.89 

 #2 - This easy to install hand crank manual hose reel keeps your RV's water hose nice and tidy. Simply mount it to the floor of the sewer bay and attach the city water line and your done. No power required, spools out easy and reels in quick. The Shoreline Hand Crank Fresh Water Hose Reel includes 34' Hose and runs $132.60 

#3 - With the space we gained with the hose reel we were able to store the Sidewinder Plastic Sewer Hose Support in this bay as well.  We love product because it features a nice deep cradle so the hose does not fall off when you pull the dump handles and a super convenient carrying handle. Comes in 10, 15 & 20' lengths, We used the 20' version since it is compact already and you just never know when you’re going to have long run the sewer. Sidewinder Plastic Sewer Hose Support 

 #4 - This is a gray water flush valve that was added using Pex tubing and Shark Bite fittings which requires no tools or plumbing skills.  This is plumbed to a No Fuss Flush fitting into the tank which features a back-flow preventer. Since we have plumbed this into our fresh water supply we added a secondary back-flow preventer for added security. A little trick, the tiny pin holes that are in the No Fuss Flush fitting are very small and although create a high pressure blast of water, will require a lifetime to actually fill the tank with much water for flushing.  We took a slightly larger drill bit and drilled out the holes at the end of the fitting to allow for better water flow to flush what was blasted off the sides of the tank.  The Valterra No Fuss Flush Tank Rinse is $22.16 

#5 - Of course like every RV this one has the 1/3, 2/3, full, tank gauge which is basically worthless in really letting you know how much capacity you have remaining. So we added the Seelevel 709 RV Tank Monitoring System.  The nice feature with the 709 series is that you can use the existing wiring that is already running to your tanks. It features a bus wiring system allowing for one wire to carry a signal from any of the tank sensors  This also makes it easy to add a second monitor to the sewer bay were you need it many times without running additional wires from the fresh tank to the sewer bay. There are many different configurations to choose from. Seelevel RV Tank Monitoring Gauges 

RV Tank Monitoring System
Seelevel Wiring Diagram

#6 - Although this fitting came with the sewer kit we do offer it for use with other sewer hoses. Nice and easy to get a sealed secure fit to a threaded campground sewer connections. Rhinoflex Sewer Hose Elbow is $11.43 

#7 - We have tested alot of different sewer hoses and really comes down to your particular setup, available storage space and requirements as to which hose and fitting combo makes the most sense.  They all work; just some will last longer, maybe more rugged, or has more features.  For this particular setup the RhinoFlex sewer hose system is the perfect solution with it's stay in place accordion properties. Rhinoflex Sewer Hose Kit 

#8 - This is the black water rinse valve and the same setup as #4.

#9 - These are the city and fresh water tank valves which were installed by the manufacturer. 

#10 - This was basically the only feature installed by the manufacturer in this sewer bay and we think it's a great addition to any RV that has a dedicated area such as this.  It is a pressurized hose to rinse down the bay if there is any kind of a spill as well as spray out the sewer hose and clean up the fittings before storing them back in the bay. We sell a coiled hose similar to this and it was tested as a fresh water connection hose last year.  It's compact size and ability to stretch out to almost 20' makes it a great solution for those with limited storage space.  Valterra EZ Coil-N-Store Drinking Water Hose

We hope some of the ideas we put to use in this storage bay can be used in your own setup to make your life just a little easier when it's time to go RV'ing.