Rand Mcnally TripMaker RV GPS RVND Release notes for RVND RC3 11.98.2310

Release notes for RVND RC3 11.98.2310 (April 2012)

(To see current release number of your unit, Select Preferences, About)

·      Woodall’s campground ratings have been added.   This is for commercial campgrounds only, and includes the ability to search by amenity such as WiFi or type of hookup, as well as Woodall’s ratings.

·      Routing has been refined for RV classes.

·      Custom POI Import has now been enhanced.  You can download POI lists from places like POIFactory.com, and load them to your unit.  You can then select how you want to see them and be told about them.  There are 2 types - “Alerts”, and “General POI’s”.  Alerts are for things like Red Light Cameras - something you want to be alerted about directly along your route. General POI’s are for items you want to be told about that could be 10 miles away from you, but are interesting, such as Railroad Museums, if that is what you downloaded.  These are loaded using the Dock. 


·      A Mute button will now appear on the map screen whenever the unit is speaking.  Touching this will mute the unit.  The speaker icon will continue to appear whenever there is a new instruction, and can be tapped to enable voice again.  A flashing icon will appear in the upper right of all screens as a reminder that the RVND is muted. 

·      When a new route is calculated, the route options (eg., Fastest, Freeway, etc), are now shown in text and icons during calculation as a reminder or what route options are being used. 

·      The route line is now wider for easier glancibility and the color can be changed in Preferences. 

·      Route recalculation when off route is now much faster. 

·      The Virtual Dashboard (green screen when hitting the current speed icon) now shows speeds in tenths.

·      The “Busy” status icon has been adjusted to show busy status more accurately.

·      Altitude (term changed to Elevation based on feedback) is now available as a choice from the upper right ETA button on the map screen.

·      The warning distance to a freeway junction has been increased from 1,000 meters to 1,500 meters per driver feedback.

·      You can now edit the names in the address book instead of having to replace them.

·      Battery status now shows a “lightning bolt” when the unit is plugged in. 

·      Your zoom level setting is now retained more consistently.  For example, finding a POI along your route will not reset your desired zoom level.  This applies only when your zoom is set to “Manual”. 

·      Parking and Rest Area icons have been separated, so that if the item is Wal-Mart parking, the Wal-Mart icon will appear instead of Rest Area.

·      Saving a location that is more than ¼ mile off a road will now save the actual lat/long position, instead of the nearest road.

·      You can now save the current Multi-Stop trip to another name for future use.

·      “Other Category” POI’s can now be selectively displayed on the map.  In other words, you can turn off map display for all icons except Post Offices if you wish.  Map icon without pushpin means to not display.  Note:  There are some categories for which map display selection will be enabled in a future release. 

·      The TellRand feature has been made easier to use.  You no longer have to type in the issue/suggestion, you can select from a list, and just hit enter, in most cases.  Current values of some items will now appear, such as current speed rounded to the nearest 5. 

·      Quick stop, Walmart now has a filter option for Pharmacy, 24 hours, and overnight parking.

·      “Reverse” button has been added to Multi-stop trip, so you can reverse the trip.

·      Campground choice for “All” is now in.  You can now search for any campground, rather than having to choose by type first.

·      Some issues which caused the Virtual Dashboard gauges to be inaccurate on occasion have been fixed.

·      Startup Tips have been added.  These appear every 5th startup.  When you select “Don’t show again”, that tip is no longer presented.   You can see the tips at any time as a group by selecting Tips and Tutorials from Preferences, or the Legal Warning screen.

·      “Avoid list” button to find and re-enable permanently avoided road segments has been added in Preferences.

·      The screen brightness control has been improved. 

·      Checklist has been updated with fire safety.

·      Several other bug fixes / enhancements / speed improvements based on feedback.