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Dinosaur FAN50PLUSPINS Fan 50 Plus Ignitor Board
Dinosaur FAN50PLUSPINS Fan 50 Plus Ignitor Board
Dinosaur FAN50PLUSPINS Fan 50 Plus Ignitor Board

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Normally: $126.45
MFG: Dinosaur Electronics

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Product Code: 80-8673

DESCRIPTION Technical Instructions
With the Dinosaur FAN50PLUSPINS Fan 50 Plus Ignitor Board installed in your furnace, the fan will no longer run all night blowing cold air. The circuit board knows when the propane has run out or if the furnace did not light, and shuts the fan off one minute after the third try. It has the same great design features as the other Universal Ignitor Boards, but with an added fan control relay. For RV furnaces only.
  • Used To Upgrade Older Furnaces To Add The Fan Control Feature.
  • Shuts The Fan Motor OFF If The Board Fails To Sense A Flame After The Third Ignition Try.
  • Battery Drain Is Reduced And The Needless Blowing Of Cold Air Is Eliminated.
  • Compatible With The Fan 50 Plus And UIB Fan Control Boards.
  • Limited 3 Year Warranty.

Dinosaur Fan 50 Plus Ignitor Board

Additional Product Information
Replacement Ignitor Board
MFG’S Part #Dinosaur #MFG’S Part #Dinosaur#
Mark 10-12-1-12-12-E340UIB S POST6743UIB S
Mark 10-12-2-5.5-5.5-E310UIB L POST7020UIB S
Mark 10-12-2-5.5-5.5-E340UIB S POST9042UIB S
Mark 10-12-2-7-7-E312UIB L12500UIB S
Mark 10-12-2-12-12-E310UIB L POST31501 Kit with 33488Fan 50 Plus Pins
Mark 10-12-15-7-7-E002UIB L33488 (included in 31501 Kit)Fan 50 Plus Pins
Mark 10DM-12-1-12-12-E3002UIB S& a 6 pin header connector
Mark 10DN-12-1-12-12-E3022UIB S35119UIB 24vac
Mark 10DN-12-1-5.5-5.5-E3022UIB S36716UIB S
Mark 10DN-12-1-7-7-E3002UIB S37515UIB 24VAC
Mark 10N-12-1-12-12-E342UIB S37874UIB S
Mark 10N-12-1-5.5-5.5-E222UIB S37875Fan 50 Plus Pins
Mark 10N-12-1-5.5-5.5-E322UIB S38242None
Mark 14-12-20-7-7-E002UIB L91226 Atwood AC/GasUIB 64
Mark 14N-12-15-7-7-E202UIB S
Mark 50N-12-3-15-7-7-E3002UIB 6491315UIB S POST
AC & Gas91731UIB S POST
Mark 50N-12-3-3-7-10-0-E23062NONE93253 Atwood AC/GasUIB S
2 Level Heat - Has ground lug
Mark 51N-12-3-3-7-10-0-E23062UIB 646713UIB S
AC/Gas Water Heater93256UIB S
05-152435-003UIB L POST93257UIB S
05-152435-103UIB L POST93851 AC/GasUIB64
05-152436-053UIB L POST
05-152436-103UIB L POST93865UIB S
05-159000-003UIB L230481UIB L
05-159000-053UIB L230483UIB L
05-159000-103UIB L230505UIB 24VAC
05-159003-253UIB L POST230587UIB L
05-159003-255UIB L POST230608UIB 24VAC
05-159006-753UIB L POST231427UIB S
05-159006-755UIB L POST231741UIB S
05-159007-103UIB L231741-2UIB S
05-169002-003UIB 24VAC232182UIB S
05-169003-103UIB 24VAC232391UIB S
05-169005-123UIB L POST232490UIB S
05-259000-153UIB L232582UIB S
05-299000-153UIB 24VAC232613Fan 50 Plus Pins
05-299004-153UIB 24VAC232614Fan 50 Plus Pins
05-299010-753UIB S232659UIB S
05-299024-153UIB 24VAC232838NONE
05-299026-153UIB 24VAC315526UIB L
05-306435-153UIB S316019UIB 24VAC
05-309001-153UIB S318816UIB L
05-309002-153UIB S520427 Kit with 231427UIB S
05-309008-153UIB S520741 Kit with 231741UIB S
05-309009-153UIB S520814 Kit with ?UIB S
05-309014-153UIB S520820 Kit with 232613Fan 50 Plus Pins
05-309017-153UIB S618652UIB S
05-309017-158UIB S61525022UIB L POST
05-309022-153UIB S61549522UIB L POST
05-30DSI SeriesUIB S61688922UIB S
05-505650-153UIB S61717037UIB S
05-525900-113UIB SARM91315UIB S POST
5119UIB 24VAC35-615920-113 24VAC W/FANNONE
6215UIB S35-615931-113 24VAC W/FANNONE
6245UIB S