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Mr Funnel Filtering Funnel - 5 GPM
Mr Funnel Fuel Filtering Funnel - 5 GPM
Mr. Funnel Fuel Filtering Funnel - 5GPM

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Description Technical
The Mr Funnel 5 GPM Fuel Filtering Funnel has a built-in funnel to remove water and debris from fuels like gasoline, heating oil, diesel, kerosene and 2-cycle mixed gas. These contaminants  can cause your engine to lose efficiency, shutdown, or fail completely. The Mr. Funnel Fuel Filter is convenient and portable while still being durable and easy to use. When properly grounded this carbon infused fuel filter funnel will provide a safe and easy fill-up by taking away static electricity. With a 5.0 GPM flow rate, it is ideal for many types of equipment, including lawn care equipment, motorcycles, 4 wheelers, generators and marine equipment.

Mr Funnel Fuel Filtering Funnel - 5 GPM

Additional Product Information
Using Mr. Funnel technology helps prevent engine damage from contaminants. These fuel filters are commonly used by: do-it-yourselfers for mowers and lawn & garden power equipment; contractors for generators; farmers for tractors and generators; offroad enthusiasts, RV'ers boaters and pilots. What they all have in common is a need to protect their investments in equipment by making sure they have clean fuel going into their tanks.

Instructions - 3 Easy Steps

  1. Insert funnel into item to be filled. Keep funnel level.
  2. Pour fuel into funnel but not directly onto filter.
  3. “Dump the sump.” Water and debris will collect in the sump, the area below the filter. Pour sump contents into separate approved container and treat as hazardous waste. Note: As water collects in bottom of funnel or if flow rate slows, stop refueling and “dump the sump.” Funnel requires no cleaning.

Q. When do I need a conductive model?
A. To comply with aviation and marine regulations, your refueling system needs to be grounded. Only conductive funnels should be used. The probability of a static fire is greater with gasoline but certainly possible with diesel. Also, the more fuel you pump, the more static is created by the fuel flowing across the surfaces getting into your tank. All Mr. Funnel models that are BLACK in body color are conductive.
Q. How do I clean the funnel?
A. You don't. Since the screen is coated with Teflon, nothing sticks to the screen. Just turn it upside down and tap it on the rim. If some particles remain just ignore them because they won't go through. No chemicals, no brushes, just leave it alone.
Q. How will I know if I have contamination or not?
A. Just tilt the funnel to one side and you will be able to see water and dirt under the remaining fuel. If you are experiencing a large amount of water, stop frequently and empty out the water and resume refueling. It's that simple.
Q. What do I do with the stuff left in the sump at the bottom of the funnel after refueling?
A. This technology requires the sump to help separate the contamination from the fuel so it can't be eliminated. You can pour it back into the gas can you were using or have a separate container to place it into. When the container gets full you can run it back through the funnel and you will never waste a drop of useable fuel.
Q. What are the two tabs at the bottom of the large funnel for?
A. To stop the swirling of the fuel so it can go down the spout faster.
Q. Do I need a top for the funnel to protect it and keep it clean?
A. No. The screen is tough and difficult to damage and if some dirt happens to get into the funnel body don't worry, it won't go through.
Q. Do the funnels work at different temperatures?
A. The National Guard in Alaska has used them at 40 degrees below 0 with no problems at all. They are also very popular in Australia, Brazil, and Africa with much, much warmer temperatures.