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MicroShield Self-Application Disinfectant Kit Refill Bottles
MicroShield 360 Self-Application Disinfectant Kit Refill Bottles
MicroShield 360 Self-Application Disinfectant Kit Refill Bottles

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MFG: MicroShield 360

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The MicroShield 360 Refill Bottles are for the mist spray gun that is included with a MicroShield self-application disinfectant kit. This is for (1) 4 oz. renew disinfectant/coating and (1) 4 oz. antimicrobial coating.
  • Creates self-disinfecting surfaces that work 24/7 and last up to a year after applying.
  • FDA approved for direct contact food surfaces.
  • Protects against a broad range of microbes, bacteria, odors, and fungi.
  • Kills the flu, common cold, MRSA, and even airborne pathogens.
  • EPA approved for over 1500 different surfaces, including direct food contact surfaces.
  • Permanent, non-leaching disinfectant (see additional info section below for more info).
  • Note: Electric misting gun is not included.
  • The residual coating should be applied to protect your surfaces in between disinfections.
  • Ideal for use in cars, trucks, tractor-trailers, buses, boats, RVs, and more.
  • Coverage: 250 square ft approx.
  • Weight: 1 lb.

MicroShield 360 Self-Application Disinfectant Kit Refill Bottles

Additional Product Information
Non-Leaching Technology:

Unlike traditional methods of disinfecting, which normally use "leaching" technology (the process of chemicals becoming detached from a surface), MicroShield 360's antimicrobial coating PERMANENTLY bonds to your surface(s) when it is applied. It then imparts a mechanical kill, never sacrificing its own integrity (leaching) when coming into contact and neutralizing a microorganism. MicroShield physically ruptures the cell membrane and provides a shock to neutralize the cell. No resistance is formed because the coating is non-leaching, therefore, it always maintains its lethal power.