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Dinosaur UIB L POST Large Universal Ignitor Board w/Post
Dinosaur UIB L POST Large Universal Ignitor Board w/Post
Dinosaur UIB L POST Large Universal Ignitor Board w/Post

Normally: $108.20
MFG: Dinosaur Electronics
SHIPS FROM: Multiple Warehouses
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Product Code: 80-8637

DESCRIPTION Instructions

The Dinosaur UIB L POST Large Universal Ignitor Board with Post can be used in Dometic and Norcold refrigerators. Use in Coleman, Duo-Therm, Hydro-Flame and Suburban furnaces. Use in Atwood, Mor-Flo or Suburban water heaters. Works in any furnace, refrigerator or water heater that uses a standard ignitor board. Includes post connectors for the spark lead. A fuse on the board protects the board against short circuit damage. A handy diagnostic light on the board is green to show power to the board and red to indicate power to the gas valve. For 12 VDC applications only. Use a see-thru plastic cover when installing these boards in a water heater or refrigerator.

Dinosaur Large Universal Ignitor Board w/Post

Additional Product Information
Replacement Ignitor Board
MFG’S Part # Dinosaur # MFG’S Part # Dinosaur#
Mark 10-12-1-12-12-E340 UIB S POST 6743 UIB S
Mark 10-12-2-5.5-5.5-E310 UIB L POST 7020 UIB S
Mark 10-12-2-5.5-5.5-E340 UIB S POST 9042 UIB S
Mark 10-12-2-7-7-E312 UIB L 12500 UIB S
Mark 10-12-2-12-12-E310 UIB L POST 31501 Kit with 33488 Fan 50 Plus Pins
Mark 10-12-15-7-7-E002 UIB L 33488 (included in 31501 Kit) Fan 50 Plus Pins
Mark 10DM-12-1-12-12-E3002 UIB S & a 6 pin header connector
Mark 10DN-12-1-12-12-E3022 UIB S 35119 UIB 24vac
Mark 10DN-12-1-5.5-5.5-E3022 UIB S 36716 UIB S
Mark 10DN-12-1-7-7-E3002 UIB S 37515 UIB 24VAC
Mark 10N-12-1-12-12-E342 UIB S 37874 UIB S
Mark 10N-12-1-5.5-5.5-E222 UIB S 37875 Fan 50 Plus Pins
Mark 10N-12-1-5.5-5.5-E322 UIB S 38242 None
Mark 14-12-20-7-7-E002 UIB L 91226 Atwood AC/Gas UIB 64
Mark 14N-12-15-7-7-E202 UIB S
Mark 50N-12-3-15-7-7-E3002 UIB 64 91315 UIB S POST
AC & Gas 91731 UIB S POST
Mark 50N-12-3-3-7-10-0-E23062 NONE 93253 Atwood AC/Gas UIB S
2 Level Heat - Has ground lug
Mark 51N-12-3-3-7-10-0-E23062 UIB 64 6713 UIB S
AC/Gas Water Heater 93256 UIB S
05-152435-003 UIB L POST 93257 UIB S
05-152435-103 UIB L POST 93851 AC/Gas UIB64
05-152436-053 UIB L POST
05-152436-103 UIB L POST 93865 UIB S
05-159000-003 UIB L 230481 UIB L
05-159000-053 UIB L 230483 UIB L
05-159000-103 UIB L 230505 UIB 24VAC
05-159003-253 UIB L POST 230587 UIB L
05-159003-255 UIB L POST 230608 UIB 24VAC
05-159006-753 UIB L POST 231427 UIB S
05-159006-755 UIB L POST 231741 UIB S
05-159007-103 UIB L 231741-2 UIB S
05-169002-003 UIB 24VAC 232182 UIB S
05-169003-103 UIB 24VAC 232391 UIB S
05-169005-123 UIB L POST 232490 UIB S
05-259000-153 UIB L 232582 UIB S
05-299000-153 UIB 24VAC 232613 Fan 50 Plus Pins
05-299004-153 UIB 24VAC 232614 Fan 50 Plus Pins
05-299010-753 UIB S 232659 UIB S
05-299024-153 UIB 24VAC 232838 NONE
05-299026-153 UIB 24VAC 315526 UIB L
05-306435-153 UIB S 316019 UIB 24VAC
05-309001-153 UIB S 318816 UIB L
05-309002-153 UIB S 520427 Kit with 231427 UIB S
05-309008-153 UIB S 520741 Kit with 231741 UIB S
05-309009-153 UIB S 520814 Kit with ? UIB S
05-309014-153 UIB S 520820 Kit with 232613 Fan 50 Plus Pins
05-309017-153 UIB S 618652 UIB S
05-309017-158 UIB S 61525022 UIB L POST
05-309022-153 UIB S 61549522 UIB L POST
05-30DSI Series UIB S 61688922 UIB S
05-505650-153 UIB S 61717037 UIB S
05-525900-113 UIB S ARM91315 UIB S POST
3521 UIB L FA7615 UIB L POST
3802 UIB S MPD91731 UIB L POST
5119 UIB 24VAC 35-615920-113 24VAC W/FAN NONE
6215 UIB S 35-615931-113 24VAC W/FAN NONE
6245 UIB S