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WestOZ Motion Detector Using security systems while camping in your RV will add to your peace of mind by making sure your valuables and other property are protected. The WestOZ portable wireless motion detection security system is a battery operated, 3 piece system that works in a similar way to the security system you have in your home. It includes a motion detector, siren control and key ring control with over 2 years of battery life. The motion sensor has detection range of 30 feet and a radius of 150 degrees, while sounding a loud siren of up to 115 decibels, alerting you to any potential security threat.
How it works:
The alarm becomes active 30 seconds after arming the security system, after which any motion detected by the sensor will set it off. Both arming and disarming the security system is controlled by the buttons on the key FOB. When triggered, it gives you a period of 10 seconds to turn off the alarm before the siren goes off. If the siren does go off, it is sounded for a period of 30 seconds, and can keep going off, depending on the type of alarm that was sensed. The WestOZ features a panic mode, allowing you to set off the siren in the event of an emergency. The system can also run diagnostics on itself to show you its current status as well as provide the cause for an alarm. The WestOZ motion detection system will also give you a warning when the battery is low.
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Portable Wireless Motion Detection Security System