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STAR BRITE 89970 NosGuard SG Mold/Mildew Odor Control Fast Release
STAR BRITE 89970 NosGuard SG Mold/Mildew Odor Control Fast Release

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MFG: Star Brite
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MDG Mildew Odor Control Fast Release Formula is perfect for eliminating foul odors caused by mold, mildew, pets, food and smoke after a long winters storage. Each CLO2 Chlorine Dioxide generator pouch treats an area up to 1,000 cubic feet safely and quickly. It is the fastest and most effective solution for dealing with smoke or damp, musty odors in enclosed RV's that other odor eliminators leave behind. Professional strength MDG is not a cover-up or a perfume fragrance of any kind. Chlorine dioxide gas safely destroys all odors, including perfume fragrances, and leaves behind a crisp, clean scent that will quickly dissipate with fresh air.
  • Chlorine dioxide technology is people and pet safe and frequently used in public water systems, hospitals and food processing
  • MDG is not to be used while people or pets are present. Air out the space after treatment.
  • After the area has been treated, use Star brite’s MDG Mildew Odor Control Slow Release Formula to keep enclosed spaces odor-free and maintain air quality.
  • Fast Release Formula begins working immediately to eliminate foul odors caused by mold, mildew, pets, food, smoke and more
  • Ideal for use in stored boats, RVs and more
  • Removes mold/mildew odor as well as musty smells, food & smoke odor
  • Deep penetrating vapor eliminates tough odors within 4-6 hours; doesn't just cover them up