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powered RV roof vent fan

If you've spent much time in an RV during the summer you know it can get hot very quickly without some sort of cooling. Most all newer RV's, even smaller units, have roof top AC units to keep things cool when the temps start rising. But what about those times when you just need to get some air moving, that's when a good powered roof vent comes in handy. Today's powered roof vents can move an incredible amount of air when needed and even have such features as thermostats and rain sensors. So if your tired of trying to move air in your RV with that noisy bathroom fan, it may just be time to upgrade to a Maxxair or Fantastic powered roof vent.

One Size Fits All

One thing RV manufacturers did right was to standardize on the roof vent opening which is 14" x 14". So whether your upgrading a vent in a small camper or large motorhome they are all designed to fit that same opening. While replacing a vent that already has power running to it is going to be a much easier job, vents without power may require a bit more time and patience during the install. Fishing wires through an RV roof can be a challenge, but don't let that deter you in doing the installation yourself. If you find that there is Styrofoam above your RV's ceiling a little trick you can use to make way for power wires is to heat the end of a metal coat hanger and push in through to the vent opening.

No Leaks

If your like me you hate the thought of doing anything that may create a leak in your RV's roof and that includes removing or replacing a roof vent. But with the introduction of Eternabond leak repair tape that problem is no longer a worry. Once you get that new powered roof vent installed using double stick tape between the RV roof and the vent flange, you can finish it off with roofseal that if applied correctly may just last longer than the the RV itself.

Oh So Quiet

Both Maxxair and Fantastic Vent manufacturer great operating powered vent fans, but go about in completely different ways. Maxxair incorporates weather protection into it's vents so they can be used no matter what's going on outside. Fantastic Vents concentrates on moving the most air as quietly as possible. Which ever way you go you will not go wrong with either brand and the luxury of having a quiet powered roof vent fan cooling your RV down.

Powered RV vents are a necessity to keep humidity levels down while you shower or cook inside your RV. You need to make sure yours are always working correctly, so you have them when you need them. Understanding when they should be replaced will ensure you are ready to handle whatever comes your way.

If you need to replace your powered RV vent fans, contact us. We can help you choose the right vent fan for your RV.

By Bill Rowell

Upgrade your RV with a Powered Vent Fan