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3000W Portable Generator When traveling on a road trip, having the power to generate necessary electrical devices is a must. Portable generators will be able to give you the power you need to get the job done. Perfect for powering fifth wheel or travel trailers, the EF3000iSEB is a new portable generator from Yamaha that can put out up to 3000W of power. This generator can also provide an extra burst of power when necessary, as it features a Boost Control Unit that can sense when you need additional power. Other features include Noise Block and Smart Throttle. Noise Block uses sound absorbing material to keep the noise levels down, as well as a muffler that features a new design. Smart Throttle can match the engine speed to the current load, which also promotes less noise as well as greater efficiency. Wheels are built-in to the generator, making it easy to transport. It is ideal when needing to provide electricity to TVs, computers, microwaves and other devices that use a micro-processor.
Portable generators are also ideal when you need to power a few essential items, such as during a power outage. They are not made to be inside or in enclosed spaces, as they run on gasoline. Portable generators such as the EF3000iSEB are also known as power inverters, and they are typically smaller and more lightweight than regular generators. Unlike a conventional generator, inverters like the EF3000iSEB don’t use raw power, rather they create a smoother power flow that can hold a steadier output.
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Yamaha 3000W Generator