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SMI 99213 Air Force One 2nd Car Kit Braking System
SMI Air Force One Braking System
SMI 99213 Air Force One 2nd Car Kit Braking System

: $999.95
MFG P/N: 99213
MFG: SMI Braking
Weight (lbs): 7

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DESCRIPTION Instructions
SMI Air Force One 2nd Car Kit along with the SMI Air Force One is the only brake system that uses your motorhomes air brakes to energize the towed vehicle's power brakes through a process that does not require a vacuum pump. The Air Force One braking system has no moving parts to wear out and features a breakaway system that seals the coach's air supply in the event of a coach and vehicle separation. Other great features include; an out of site installation with most of the system located under the hood, 100% proportional braking, fits all towed vehicles including the newest "live" pedal cars and an approved air tap method so you will not affect the warranty on your air brakes, Includes operating unit, coach air connection assembly, break-away system, actuating cylinder, complete hardware kit, airlines & instructions in print & DVD.

SMI Air Force One 2nd Car Kit Braking System

Additional Product Information
SMI Air Force One Braking System - AFO0108
  • Uses air from the coach's air brakes to activate the power brakes of the towed vehicle.
  • Towed vehicle brakes are in direct proportion with the coach
  • Operating unit mounts under the hood of the towed vehicle, completely out of sight.
  • Once installed, the system is always ready for towing with no set up or take down.
  • Total Coach Protection exclusively with Air Force One is a process that protects the air supply on the coach.
  • Air Force One is the safest air brake system available.
  • Easy to view Coach Notification, letting you know when the system is operating.
Since the Air Force One Brake System uses the coach's air to create vacuum for the towed vehicle’s power-brakes, it does not need an electric pump. In fact, the Air Force One operating unit has no moving parts at all. The only moving part is the brake actuator which mounts on the brake arm and firewall, out of the way and out of site.

A concern user may have with the Air Force One brake system is the connection to the motorhomes air brake system. But SMI eliminates any fears with a device they call Total Coach Protection. With this safety device installed the coach’s air supply is sealed off to allow the coach to stop normally in the case of a break-away. At the same time the coach is protected, the breakaway system on the car activates the towed-vehicle’s brakes.

Air Force One is a revolutionary braking system that will apply proportional braking effort in your towed vehicle. An easy installation combined with vacuum-assisted power brakes and truly proportionate braking effort makes the Air Force One Braking System a leader in towed vehicle brake systems.