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Progressive Dynamics 9200 Series Converter/Charger, 45 Amp
Progressive Dynamics PD9245CV 9200 Series Converter/Charger, 45 Amp
Progressive Dynamics Series Converter/Charger, 45 Amp

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MFG: Progressive Dynamics
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DESCRIPTION Technical Instructions
The Inteli-Power 45 Amp Power Converter is designed to provide reliable filtered DC power to all RV 12-volt lighting and appliance circuits. The PD9245C converter also provides safe and rapid charging of RV batteries. The built-in Charge Wizard features a microprocessor-controlled system that constantly monitors the battery voltage and ensures a rapid; yet, safe, recharge.
  • Features Built-in Charge Wizard
    • Constantly monitors the RV battery and automatically adjusts the converter output voltage based on the battery’s charge status – designed to eliminate battery over & under charging problems
  • Delivers filtered DC power to all 12 Volt lighting and appliance circuits, providing safe and reliable service.
  • Reverse Battery Protection
    • This circuitry prevents converter damage in the event the connections to the battery are installed in reverse. Simple replacement of the fuse located on the front of the converter restores the unit to normal operation.
  • Electronic Current Limiting
    • This safety feature will rapidly reduce the converter output in case of an electrical short or overload condition. The converter automatically returns to normal operation when the short or overload is corrected.
  • Low line Voltage Protection
    • The PD9245C Converter will operate at low AC line voltages without damage. This feature is especially important in RV campgrounds where AC line voltage can be as low as 90 volts. Low AC line voltages may damage competitive converters. Low Line Voltage Protection will automatically shut converter down if input voltage is insufficient. This also protects your 12-volt appliances from damaging low voltage irregularities. The converter will automatically return to normal operation when adequate line voltage is available.
  • Variable speed intelligent Cooling Fan
    • Solid state temperature sensing and control system automatically monitors converter temperature and activates the fan at the required speed. Very slow, quiet speeds are used when demand is low, such as during sleeping hours.
  • High Voltage Protection
    • This feature automatically shuts the converter down to protect sensitive electronics in the event of high voltage transients on the AC power line, or if the RV generator regulator should momentarily fail. The converter will automatically return to normal operation when the high voltage transient is corrected.
  • Automatic thermal shutdown
    • This safety feature will reduce converter output in the unlikely event of a fan failure and prevent damage to the converter.
  • Built-in accessory port for the Converter Status Remote Pendant (sold separately)
  • 2 year limited warranty.
  • Input: 105-130 VAC, 725 Watts
  • Output: 13.6 VDC, 45 Amps
  • Dimensions: 4.5" x 8.25" x 7.25"
  • Weight: 4.5 lbs.

Progressive Dynamics 9200 Series Converter/Charger, 45 Amp